The Best Free Murder Mystery Party

Hosting a free murder mystery party can be a fun time for a few close friends or a large group of people. A murder mystery dinner party is a great way to add a little excitement an intrigue to an otherwise drab party. But what are the best FREE options out there? They are hard to find, I know. I have scoured the web to find some great murder mystery party scripts and kits for your next weekend bash. Whether it is for 6, 7, 8— all the way up to 30 people. There is something for everybody when looking to entertain a bunch of friends at your next party.

murder mystery party games

Creating the best free murder mystery party isn’t easy. Where to start? How big to make it? There are so many things to consider such as what kind of theme to choose: an old time gangster theme complete with costumed wiseguys, dames and tommy gun replicas, or a new take on the old Orient Express train mystery murder. Whatever you choose, ensure it is the best weekend dinner party that your friends will never forget.

Some things to consider when planning your next free mystery dinner party game:

  • How many guests to invite: Having a small dinner mystery party for six close friends can be super fun but it can also be obvious who is the mureder. Sure you still get to act silly and dress up and all the rest but do you want a real challenge or is it just something different to share with close friends? Something to think about.
  • What murder mystery party script/theme to use: There is no shortage of murder mystery options out there when selecting a murder mystery party script. There are hippy cult mysteries, futuristic cyber murder mysteries and everything in-between. What will your group of friends really get a kick out of? What will they and you relate to and really be able to have fun with?
  • How elaborate do you want to make it: Is this a simple get-together with close friends or is this something that involves a large group of acquaintances. The complexity of the murder mystery party script should mirror the size and makeup of the group. Some people are more likely to get involved with one type of them than another. Also, making it too long or complicated can take away from the evening. The best free murder mystery dinner party ideas are the not necessarily the most elaborate, they are the ones that are the most fun!
  • Dinner or no dinner: Will the mystery take place around a dinner or is it more informal and just requires the serving of hors d’oeurves? This will factor a lot into what script you had chosen earlier and can shape the whole evening. It is a Clue-style mystery? Where the lights go out and then come back on with a victum laying on the floor. Hopefully this happens after dessert but you never know. That’s part of the fun of free murder mystery parties. 

murder mystery party games

So what are you waiting for!? Start organizing your murder mystery script, guestlist and menu today! If you are looking for more ideas visit: Free murder mystery games on Squidoo. Happy Party Planning!