Free Murder Mystery Party Kits

murder mystery party kitsFree murder mystery party kits can be a popular choice for those looking for free murder mystery party games. The ease and simplicity of having a prepared kit that includes a script with roles, costume recommendations and a complete story can’t be understated. Why not make free murder mystery party planning more simple?

Hosting a party for a few friends or a large gathering of over ten people can be exhausting: the food, decorations, invitations can all take away from the good time intended to be had by all. You can’t enjoy yourself if you are exhausted! A good solution is a pre-made murder mystery party kit. Preferably free, but there are plenty of paid murder mystery party kit options out there.

What’s in a free murder mystery party kit?

  • Storyline / Theme: The murder mystery party script is the main aspect of the game. Where it takes place, when it takes place, how it takes place, who is murdered, and how it all comes together. The host doesn’t uually know who is murdered and who is the murderer as these details are revealed slowly to to everybody involved inclusing the organizer. This keeps it fun for everybody when everyone is guessing. Fun for everybody except the unfortunate victim who will find their evening uncermonioulsy cut short. They can still jion in he fun but they won’t have any lines.
  • Characters: Depending on the theme, all the characters are laid out in simple descriptions that are given to the guests prior to the evening to act out their part. The free murder mystery party script provides a brief summary of the character, who they are, whatr their role is and their intentions during the evening without revealing if they are the killer or the victim. Costume ideas are also provided though the costume itself isn’t usually included in the kit.
  • Timeline: This is an essential part ofthe evening as etails are parsed out throughout the night to each guest, about each guest. Since the victim and murderer aren’t revealed in advance, everone is intrigued and surprised as the events unfold. This is all held together by a carefully scripted timeline for the free murder mystery dinner party and should be followed exactly. Any deviation from the script and timeline could mess up the whole dinner game and ruin and otherwise entertaining evening.
  • Costume ideas: When each character / guest receiveds their pre-determined character script prior to the dinner party, it contains costume ideas that can contain essential items (such as the murder weapon!). These are usually just a framework for the costume and a certain amount of creative licence is encouraged.

murder-mystery-party-kitsNext time you are planning a free murder mystery dinner party for friends try a free murder mystery party kit. You are almost guaranteed a great and it will be remembered by your guests for years to come!